Coastal outdoor Fire Pit

Coastal decor can be appreciated by everyone, not just folks who live near the shore. If you love the look of beaches and open oceans, then consider transforming your indoor space or patio with decor inspired by your favorite shorelines.

Steps to Creating The Perfect Coastal Style Space

Use these suggestions and ideas to begin planning your updated living area:

Pick a color scheme

Coastal Carolina Shores

Of course, white and blue are the two colors most folks think of first. However, you will need to decide whether you want a bold turquoise, the pale color of shallow shores, or perhaps the rich color of clear, deep ocean waters.

Rather than being one of the main colors, you can also use the blue for small highlights, or even not at all. You might opt for neutral browns and grays or a bright design inspired by the color-rich coral or similar “beach-y” theme.

Set a budget

Whether you are planning to spend a small amount to spruce up your existing decor or are investing in all new furniture and decor items, you need to know how much you are able and willing to spend. Then, you can figure out the best way to divide the funds, making adjustments to your plans as needed. Need help? Check out this post on creating an area for your coastal furniture or beach house setting.

Focus your theme

Within the category of coastal decor are several sub-categories, such as rocky or sandy shores. Do you intend to create an upscale luxury patio for fantastic entertaining? Perhaps instead you want decor that includes lots of wicker, nets and related casual decor. Picture galleries are a great source of inspiration to help with this decision.

Water and fire

Do you want to add either of these elements to your decor? For instance, you might have a small reflecting pool installed as an anchor piece for your design. Perhaps instead you would like to include a fire pit designed to keep the surrounding area warm.


A strong coastal theme will include several plants to help bring the decor together. A couple of small potted palm trees place on either side of a walkway can really make a difference. When choosing plants you must consider the year-round needs of the plant. For instance, you might need to move some indoors during the winter.

If you want the perfect coastal living space for personal enjoyment as well as entertainment, then the coastal theme is a great idea. Keep these thoughts in mind as you begin making your new decor plans. Then, you can focus on finding beautiful pieces for your newly inspired space. Enjoy!