Pros and Cons: Wood or Vinyl?

PVC Vinyl Window

The sale of wooden windows has dropped to less than 20% from almost half of all the windows sold within the last 25 years. Vinyl windows have gained the largest percentage of this drop.

In fact, vinyl and wooden windows both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A majority of homeowners prefer the lower price of vinyl windows to the aesthetic appeal of wooden windows. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with some plastic and metal components used for the sash mechanism. Wooden windows consist of wood on the inside and the exteriors are usually covered with aluminum, fiberglass or plastic materials.

Vinyl windows are mostly white. That’s one of the few downsides if you ask most local window companies. In fact, rich dark colors and not that common in these windows. Also, colors other than tan or white are considered premium and costlier. Wood windows usually come in natural wood color. But the exteriors and interiors could be painted in other colors if desired just ask the window installers for recommendations.

Maintenance on Your Windows

Vinyl windows are easy to maintain since they don’t need any painting or sealing during the lifetime. But wood windows need sealing and painting from time to time in order to maintain and prolong its longevity. Painting a wooden window should be done professionally to improve its longevity.

In fact, wooden windows are more difficult to maintain when compared to vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a poor conductor of temperature. But these window frames are usually hollow – which help cold air easily pass through such hollow spaces. On the other hand, wooden windows are great at inhibiting the cold and heat from the outside. Hence, wooden windows are a great energy saver in the long run.

Cost of Ownership

The cost is what makes vinyl windows the preferred choice for most of the homeowners. Vinyl windows are 25% cheaper than wooden windows. Although wooden windows are more aesthetically appealing, they are costlier than vinyl windows.

When it comes to the appearance, wooden windows beat their vinyl counterparts hands down. But the latest vinyl windows are colorful and more attractive compared to the earlier products.

Well-maintained wooden windows will improve the resale value of your home. On the other hand, vinyl windows are gaining in popularity – which will help increase the resale value of your home in the long run.

Turnaround Time and Installation

The turnaround time of vinyl windows is excellent. In fact, there are many larger national manufacturers producing these windows today. However, we recommend looking for a local patio door and window replacement company. Hence, you can easily obtain vinyl windows on schedule.

On the other hand, the market share of wood has dwindled to 16-17% today. So manufacturers and retailers are not prioritizing them anymore. Hence, it may be slower to get wooden windows compared to their vinyl counterparts.

In conclusion, wood and vinyl are two of the most popular window materials in this day and age. The sale of wooden windows has dropped to less than 20% within the past 25 years.

Vinyl windows are becoming popular due to their low maintenance and low price. The above read offers information on wooden vs. vinyl windows.